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Dalhousie Space Systems Lab (DSS) is Dalhousie University’s first and only lab dedicated to the research and development of spaceflight systems. We are students and professionals working to facilitate the growth of spaceflight research and design amongst the Atlantic community.


A New Generation

At Dalhousie Space Systems Lab, we are a group of curious and passionate individuals who envision the future of space in Atlantic Canada.

Founded in 2018 by engineering students, our team of exceptionally motivated researchers is dedicated to developing advanced space systems through rigorous research and ingenious design. Our projects push our members to acquire unique technical and professional skills by exposing them to real-world challenges that are faced by today’s industry. 

Through our research, we aim to promote diversity and interest in space technology and equip local industries to tackle issues at the forefront of Canada’s space sector. Together, we inspire today’s youth to lead tomorrow’s space industry. 

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